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The Best Tobago Wedding Locations

As you'll have already found out, Tobago is an astoundingly beautiful island. Having lived here for many years, it still takes my breath away, and with these choices, I'm sure it'll do the same for you on your special day. You really are spoilt for choice as to where your dream wedding can take place.

Pigeon Point

There are two places that are great for getting married at Pigeon Point. You can either get married on the white sandy beach, listening to the waves, fresh air blowing around. Or if you are concerned about the weather you can hire the Heritage Pavilion at Pigeon Point. Because Pigeon Point is ‘owned’ by the Tobago House of Assembly, there will be charges to hold a wedding here.

Grafton Beach

This is beach is extremely popular for weddings. It is a long white sandy beach, there is an area that has a selection of trees which provides some shade for you and your guests, plus the road runs right along the beach making it easy for your guests to drive there, park and have easy access. As this is a public beach there is no charge to use this as a venue.

Getting married at Sea

If you want something water related then why not get married at sea. We can organise it for you on either a catamaran or a glass bottom boat.

A Rainforest Wedding.

Tobago has the oldest World Heritage protected rainforest in the western hemisphere, so a wedding amongst the lush tropical flora and fauna found in Tobago can make some dramatic and naturally beautiful pictures. Or how about next to one of the beautiful waterfalls found in the rainforest - combining water and

Historical Wedding site

There are many lovely historical sites around Tobago and it is possible to have a wedding at these sites. To do so you do have to get permission for the Tobago House of Assembly and there is a small fee, however the wedding planner would be able to organise this for you as dealing with Governmental offices can be very time consuming.

My dream wedding was always to be on a beach. I am not a religious person, so getting married in a church was not for me. I wanted to feel the sand beneath my feet, hear the waves in the background and have a steelpan drum playing softly as I walked towards my husband to be. With friends and family around enjoying a the less formal and more relaxed style of wedding, this was exactly what I had here on the lovely island of Tobago.

Wedding Accommodation

Blue Marlin and Chaconia

These apartments have the best location for a beach wedding. The apartments are located right on Grafton Beach, one of the most popular wedding beaches in Tobago. A short walk from the apartments, through a beautiful tropical garden right onto the beach makes the brides walk to her future husband luxurious and romantic. The apartments can accommodate up to six people in each, so the main wedding participants can be right there, getting ready for the short walk to the wedding venue.

The apartments are large enough for the wedding planners people, like makeup artist, hairdresser, coordinator would all be able to come and help get the bride and groom ready for their big day.

Mahogany Villa

Fantastic villa set in lush tropical garden with enough space to have a nice intimate wedding. The villa is situated in a gated community with 5 other villas. Mahogany villa can accommodate up to 8 people. The master bedroom is on the ground floor and is huge. Providing plenty of space for the blushing bride and bridesmaids to get ready all together. It also has a door that takes you directly out onto the large patio which then goes out into the garden area.

There are two other villas in the compound that can also be rented, one can accommodate 10 people the other one another 8 people. With your guests on site means there will be no drinking and driving. There are some rules that need to be adhered to, but nothing that will inhibit you having a wonderful wedding.


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